About Us

TheBrawley Elementary School District (BESD)is located in Brawley,California, which is situated in Imperial County in Southern California.Brawley, with a population of approximately 30,000 is a rural communitytwenty-seven miles north of the Port of Entry into the United Statesfrom Mexicali, Mexico. Imperial Valley is ranked fourth in the nation interms of agricultural production and 30% of our parents are employed inagricultural-related jobs. Brawley is a desert setting where theaverage winter temperature is in the mid-seventies and the averagesummer temperature is in the low hundreds. The make-up of our studentpopulation is 81% Hispanic, 15%White, 3% Black, and 1% of other ethnicgroups. The District has approximately 420 certificated and classifiedemployees.

TheBESD serves transitional kindergarten through eighth grade students atfive school sites. Approximately 4,000 students attend BrawleyElementary schools. BESD has four elementary schools and one middleschool. Brawley Elementary School District is comprised of four TK-6schools and one middle school (grades 7-8). The four TK-6 schools areJ.W. Oakley Elementary School, Myron D. Witter Elementary School, MiguelHidalgo Elementary School and Phil D. Swing Elementary School. Themiddle school is Barbara Worth Junior High School.